Forthcoming Book

Mandla is working on a book project. The working title is We can do better: re-imagining South African politics.


It has become clear in recent years that South African politics is broken. What is less clear is how to fix it. South Africans yearn for a politics which can drive inclusive socio-economic development, resolve our most vexing challenges and help create a country in which all of its people can thrive. What does this more modern, progressive politics entail and how might we bring it about?

This is the central question We can do better: re-imagining South African politics seeks to answer. In it, the author argues that South Africa needs new leaders, new ideas and new ways of governing. It is a forward looking, practical book which aims to provoke readers to demand a better politics, inspire them to be the ones who will build that politics, and equip them perspectives, questions and tools to bring it about.