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Mandla is prepared to deliver keynote talks on the following topics. Other topics can be arranged as necessary.

The courage to transform: overcoming our racial legacy

Global protests and demonstrations intensifying in May 2020 around Black Lives Matter and opposing racism and police brutality have raised the profile of social equality and justice issues, which remain an urgent and ongoing challenge in many societies.

Mandla charts a path to more inclusive institutions and societies, leveraging his social science background – including at one of the world’s leading centers of thought on the black experience, Howard University – and personal experience as a black African millennial who has lived, studied and worked in South Africa and the United States, two societies with complex legacies of discrimination.

The change leader

Change is hard. The right political leader at the right time can change the course of history and profoundly effect the lives of millions. A business leader’s effectiveness can dramatically impact the success of a company, a division, a team. Drawing on his first-hand experience supporting a cabinet minister’s change programme, studying and writing about political leadership, and as a consultant at arguably the world’s foremost ‘leadership factory’ – McKinsey and Company – Mandla offers insights on the keys (and challenges) to successfully leading systemic change.

Understanding South Africa’s political economy

In this talk, Mandla helps the audience make sense of South Africa, which simultaneously offers world-class living standards for some citizens, and poor opportunities and living conditions for others. He helps bridge the divide between the inclusive growth and radical economic transformation discourses, and points to possible solutions.

The woke corporate: responsible capitalism in an age of discontent

South African corporates must navigate a challenging environment: a decade of low growth, contentious politics; the need for transformation; decarbonization; and the rise of millennial and Gen Z employees and customers, among other issues.

Mandla helps businesses balance traditional strategic objectives – growing profitability, market share and return on investment – with the broader societal objectives which are increasingly demanded by investors, regulators, customers, workers and communities.

Solving South Africa’s leadership problem

Our political leadership is often perceived as ‘fiddling while Rome burns’, as the saying goes. Drawing on arguments from his forthcoming book, Mandla argues that we need a new generation of leaders, with experiences and capabilities suited to the challenge of our time: charting a course for South Africa to rapidly and inclusively develop in a single generation during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In this talk, he sets out the kind of leaders we need, why our parties don’t produce them, and what we can do about it.