Here we are… After far too much thinking and rethinking, an idea is born! Overstand is about creating a space for and by free, young black minds to overstand the world around us, that we may begin to shape it in our own image. It is a space for illuminating conversations, ideas, knowledge of self, culture, community, black love and so much more. We will focus on bringing together different and outspoken voices, to talk, write, think, share, argue and overstand with one another…

We are based in South Africa, and seek to shape the future of our old, young country, which is beginning to take chaotic shape, for better or for worse. In this new dispensation, this post-1994, post-independence society, we have many different challenges and opportunities.

What is constant, is the need for us as young, black South Africans to take our place as the mothers and fathers of creation, the leaders and custodians of our land. We must participate in, frame, and influence debates. There are things we must unlearn, and there are things we must learn. We must expose ourselves to the histories of South African and other African peoples, as well as the rich intellectual heritage of Africans all over the world. We must critically engage our leaders and hold them to account. We must be always Pan-African, concerned with our brothers and sisters around the African world,

Many seek answers, but few ask the right questions.

Bless up!